Ashley M. Barrera, MS, LMFT
Co-Parenting Facilitation
                In addition to my work as a therapist, I also offer Co-Parenting Facilitation and Parent Coordination services where I work with parents to develop and strengthen their co-parenting relationship in the best interest of their child/ren. It is important that you know that as a Co-Parenting Facilitator I do not hold any authority to make decisions about your child/ren, nor will I ever offer an opinion about child custody. As a Parenting Coordinator decision-making authority is granted to me through a court order.

                Sometimes parents have different perspectives regarding what their child/ren’s needs are, as well as how to best meet these needs. As a Co-Parenting Facilitator or Parenting Coordinator my role involves assisting you and your co-parent in the process of better understanding your child/ren’s needs from a developmental, emotional and psychological perspective so that you may work together to best meet these needs. I will also assist you and your co-parent in the process of engaging in what can often be difficult discussions with your co-parent regarding your child/ren –with the goal of ultimately working together to make informed decisions that meet the best interests of your child/ren.  

                Co-Parenting Facilitation and Parenting Coordination often includes assisting parents in the process of developing a co-parenting plan or modifying an existing co-parenting plan. I work with parents who are both court-ordered and self-referred. Co-Parenting Facilitation and Parenting Coordination can be a viable alternative to continued litigation. Even co-parents involved in litigation can learn to resolve issues related to child custody and joint decision making on their own –rather than having important, personal decisions about their child/ren be made by a Judge. 

               I have completed training through the Cooperative Parenting Institute which was founded by Susan Boyan, LMFT and Ann Marie Termini, EdS, MS, LPC renowned Parent Coordinators, as well as training with Dr. Matthew Sullivan who is an established Parent Coordinator in California.

              For more information about my work as a Co-Parenting Facilitator or Parenting Coordinator please click the link below. You may also contact me directly with questions or to schedule an appointment at 907.365.9585 or through the Contact Ashley section of this website.

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